Tuesday, 29 June 2010

2 more sleeps ...

... til we start the ball rolling officially at RED EARTH SCRAPPING with a scrapping competition, commencing this Thursday, 1st July.
Make sure you are all registered for the forum and gallery and joining in the chat. The final few tweaks are happening to our forum and gallery now and I must say, it's looking great. I cant wait to share with you all for real at the website.
I will also be drawing out some winners' names from our Facebook Members - remember the "30 newbies in 30 days" little contest I started? Well we're now at 121 members. WOW and WOW again. I'm just blown away. Thank you everyone for making our Facebook group so wonderful. Stay tuned to see if you're a winner.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Forum & Gallery is kicking off!!!

Join us from Saturday - yep, this Saturday 26th June - to start chatting and sharing in the forum and gallery properly!!! I hope you dont mind that there are still a few things my webguy is tweaking to make it "just right" for us but it is all fully functional for chatting. Cant wait to see you all there :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ready, Set ... nearly ready to go!

Right-o ... let's go!!! You can all now start registering for the forum & gallery (not shop yet, sorry) at www.redearthscrapping.com.au ... to try and prevent spammers, your registration will have to be approved by me so dont bombard me all at once LOL. I am hoping, hoping, hoping we will be chatting and sharing in the forum & gallery THIS WEEKEND!!! Keep everything crossed for me wont you girls, thanks :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

Mark your calendar ...

... for the official launch of Red Earth Scrapping.


And during July I will be holding a massive scrapping competition ... check back shortly for more details.

Shortly we'll be able to start chatting properly as a Red Earth Scrapping community in the forum, and sharing our crafty creations in the gallery. I will let you all know here, and at our Facebook Group when we are ready to "move in".

Thank you to everyone so far who has joined me on this very exciting journey ... we are getting closer to the big kick off, and I hope you'll still keep inviting all your crafty friends to join us. I want to make sure that Red Earth Scrapping really IS your online HOME for all things papercrafting!!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Can we crack the ton?

I'm so overwhelmed at the support for Red Earth Scrapping at our Facebook Group.
THANK YOU so much everyone, I appreciate it so much.

At the time of typing this post we are just 2 shy of cracking the 100 members. WOW!

As promised, I have some prizes up for grabs, so at the end of June I will do a few random draws - one of the lucky people can expect some gorgeous Making Memories Vintage Groove jewellery coming their way ;)


In the mean time, the website and online store is coming along so hopefully it wont be too long before we are ready to "move in" but until then all the chat and action will be at our FB group.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

30 newbies in 30 days !!!

30 newbies in 30 days??? who's up for the challenge - there will be a PRIZE too - so invite everyone you can possibly think of to join our FB group here

Let's go!!!