Saturday, 24 December 2011

"X" is for...

the shortcut version of Christmas... "Xmas", and since today is Xmas Eve I'm going to make today's task all about your Xmas Eve and your Xmas Tree Traditions because really, this is the last day you have to get that tree up before the big event!

We don't really have any traditions, we used to always have the tree up on the 1st December but this year we've been very remiss!  Always though the youngest in the family was the one to add the star or the angel at the top of the tree... and for our little family of 3 it has always been an Angel and always Kel's job!  

I love the memories that come with such a simple task... Kel's 1st year he obviously had help, and now on his 15th Xmas, with the same tree, he'll be adding our Angel under his own steam... not even a chair to help because he's tall enough now!

We also have some very special ornaments, ones Kellan made when young, some handed over to me from mum from my first Xmas tree as a child, they HAVE to go on the tree, whether they match with this years colour theme or not!  

One Xmas Eve Tradition that has come with me from my childhood, is opening just 1 present on Xmas Eve, a little teaser before the big day!!

Christmas to us is all about family.  It's not the gifts but the togetherness and those little snippets of traditions that are the ties that bind us, always.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Xmas Eve and also the most wonderful of Christmas Days... take care and enjoy!!

Mis xo

Friday, 23 December 2011

W is for Wrapping Paper

Hello ladies, apologies for running late today. I bring you the letter "W" for wrapping paper. How do you wrap your gifts, traditional christmas wrapping paper, gift bags, home made by the kids or something else? Do you make your own gift bags to wrap your presents in?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

U is for "UN-Christmas"

Today we REBEL people... today is U... U for "UN-Christmas".....

The challenge today is to create a layout, card or project that is NOT about Christmas.  Go Bah-humbug for ONE DAY and share something creative and inspiring with us, something UN-Christmasy.

But don't tell the boss-lady... after all it is her Christmas A-Z and we all may get in trouble for breaking the rules for the day.... so quietly upload your creation and tick "U" off your advent.

I have created a simple one photo layout to celebrate U for "UN-Christmas"....

To create this page - For the background I used white cardstock and a PRIMA mask with paint.
Then i raided my YELLOW scraps to create all the strips of paper.
Added some PRIMA leaves, flowers and other bits and pieces... (now... the flower i used isn't in the RES shop, but have you stopped in lately and seen the HUGE range of gorgeous flowers over there? I made need to do a last minute flower shop before my next big scrap getaway....!!!!)
White Dacquiri Thickers (always available in store at RES)

Head over to RES for all the inspiration.

Merry Un-Christmas day...... ha!

Monday, 19 December 2011

S is for...

So easy!  S is for Snow, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Santa and all those fabulous Christmas things... and it's also for "Shopping", yeah, that's not always the fun part, but it's something we all do at this time of year... me usually right at the last minute!!

Share with us your shopping woes, hints to make Christmas Shopping easier, funny Christmas Shopping stories, anything at all to do with shopping at this crazy time of year.

This year I am not only time poor {trying to get the house shipshape for Christmas Lunch with the whole family in our little house} but I have absolutely no idea what to get any of us!  We've all got everything we need!  And believe me, I feel blessed that I can say that.  So, this year I am cheating and buying store cards.  The Westfield XS Card can be used as a normal EFTPOS card almost anywhere, work gets us one each year and last year I spent mine on whatever bits and pieces that took my fancy in the Boxing Day sales... I know it's impersonal, but we all LOVE shopping in our own time and we all love picking up a bargain, so really, it's a great gift, even for my niece and nephews as those kids with $20 to spend are the happiest kids on the planet!

However, to make them look like I at least put in some effort I'm making the Place Cards for Christmas Lunch into Gift Card Holders as well, the girls in the family will appreciate that!

Mis xo


Saturday, 17 December 2011

"R" is for Reading

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the Red Earth Scrapping "A to Z" Christmas fun we are bringing you?

I bring you the letter "R".

"R" is for "R"eading kids christmas stories. Here are some of our favourite stories. What are yours?

Slinky Malinki Christmas Crackers - Lynley Dodd
Holly the Christmas Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Treasury for Kids
Twelve Days of Christmas - Five Mile Press
Australian Twelve Days of Christmas - Black Dog Books
Christmas Wombat by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley
Where's Santa (in the tradition of Where's Wally)

I can't wait to hear what you and your kids read at Christmas time!

Friday, 16 December 2011

P is for Paper Present

Good morning,
Sorry to be late in my posting, ran out of time to post before I started work today!

Today is brought to you by the letter P - which is such an easy one....

P is for Paper Presents...
Tonight I head to my last scrapbook session for the year with my scrappy friends and we are having a party and gift exchange (I hope we still get some scrapping done!).

For the Present, I decided to give a Scrapbook Kit - so I made up a kit with some papers, cardstock, handmade flowers, ribbons, bits and pieces. I decorated an old 12X12 white paper bag (left over from too many shopping trips to my LSS!) with masks and mists and folded the top with ribbon and a flower tag.

How's that for a Perfect Present for a Paper lover?

Have a great day, can't wait to see what you make with Paper today!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

O is for ...

I've dropped a few hints here and on FB about what my activity for today's letter might be ... so it should be no surprise that it's about ORNAMENTS.
Not just any old ornament on your tree or around your house, today I want you to MAKE an ORNAMENT, or at the very least, get the kids making some. You can make it from anything you like, any shape or style but your challenge is to actually MAKE it Wink

Here's what I've made ...

Using just 4 strips of paper (or in my case a very nice flocked transparency from Fancy Pants last Christmas), a couple of brads and then add some pretties, then you have a gorgeous decoration for your tree.
Kids can make these - I did paper versions at the Kids Christmas Papercrafting Workshop I ran here locally on the weekend and they loved them.

Instructions -
1. cut 4 strips of paper approximately 1/2" wide - the longer your strips the bigger the ball will be, still paper/card works better esp for the larger ones
2. lay your strips on top of each other in a neat stack, find the middle and punch a small hole, then push a brad through and split to secure
3. keeping the strips in a stack, punch a small hole at each end
4. spread the strips out to form a star/criss-cross pattern, then starting with the uppermost strip, and using an awl (or skewer) thread one end of the first strip onto the spike followed by the opposite end of the same strip
5. repeat with all strips until they are all held on the spike
6. take another brad (may add flowers or other embellies at this point so they are secured by this brad) and carefully remove the awl/skewer while holding the strips together then push the brad through the hole and split to secure
7. add any extra embellies you might like, a string to hang it by and you're done!!!

Here's some other ideas I've found ...

You might like to stitch something, bake something, alter or repurpose something ... the choice is yours but today is all about MAKING ORNAMENTS ... go on, get into it, have FUN Laughing

PS. the large ball is made from 12" strips, the smaller ball is from 6" strips.

I have another project you might like (which I also did with the kids on Saturday).

1. punch/cut 10 circles - any size but I found a 2" circle punch ideal
2. fold each circle in half - if using single sided paper fold the pattern side onto each other, if using double sided, decided which side is to be the OUTSIDE and you can even alternate the folding
3. lay your folded circles in a row then starting from one end, spread glue on one side of the folded circle and attach the next half circle to it, lining up the edges and folded centre carefully
4. repeat until you have a row of glued half circles - DO NOT glue the first and last together YET
5. cut a length of string or ribbon, double it over and tie a double overhand knot towards the bottom (ie 2 loose ends) then lay the length of string along the folded inner edges of the glued circles - the knot will be the bottom of the ball to ensure it doesn't slip through
6. use a little liquid glue if necessary to hold the string in place through the centre of the ball and now you can glue the first and last circles together to form the ball!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

N is for...

The very first thing I thought of for N was "Naughty or Nice", and I got no further, it's cliche but such FUN!!

My challenge to you this letter is to create something along the Naughty or Nice theme, be it a LO with that as the title, a Card with that in the sentiment or even a true Naughty and Nice List... get the kidlets {or yourself} to list their Naughty and Nice moments for the fun of it!!  Have some fun with it!!

... and some yummy closeups!!

My list isn't so exstensive here... I just like to be nice, I struggle not being nice... but it's soooo fun to be naughty sometimes, just a little bit...

Mis xo

Sunday, 11 December 2011

K is for Kisses

We hope that you are enjoying playing along with the RES A-Z Christmas challenge.  Certainly facebook and our gallery are full of your Christmas ideas, inspiration and funnies!

SO FOR TODAY, the 11th of December, which is MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY - 12 years married to my David... well it just seemed right that today the letter K should look like this....

K is  for KISSES... kisses for the one you love....

Today's challenge is for you to Kreate a Kristmas Kard for the one you love... Include Kisses (XOXO) on your Kard.  Include a Kind message of love and thanKfulness inside.  Let the one you love Know why you love them and why they deserve your Kisses this Kristmas...

Here's my card

I used scraps of Authentique paper and whipped up this card quickly and easily. Notice I added the XOXO (kisses and hugs) to the card, which is also the code I put on the end of EVERY text message I send hubby!!!! soppy sweet i guess....

Part of the challenge is to make sure you include an important message inside your Kard...
Here was mine:

Remember: Sometimes the simplest cards with the best sentiments are the most treasured! 


Friday, 9 December 2011

I is for "I'm Dreaming of a ..."

Not hard to finish the line of that song hey! 

This is an easy one, share with us what your Christmas Dream would be, whether it be a White Christmas like in the song, or one in Tahiti sitting on the beach being served drinks in coconuts. 

Mine... somewhere where it's snowing, ideally New York because it just seems to have the right feel to me!  I want to be all rugged up, drink egg nog, eat hot meals, make snowmen... watch a crackling fire, listen to carolers as they go door to door, that full on romantic image of a white christmas!!  And I want to be surrounded by my crazy family while doing it... because it simply wouldn't work without them.

Mistra xo

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

H is for Homemade Shortbread Star biscuits!

Hello and welcome to the letter "H".  I have prepared these delicious Home made shortbread star biscuits for you this evening and believe me when I say they are delicious!  ENJOY!

Enjoy the rest of your week ladies.

Liz Weber
Red Earth Scrapping
Creative Team Member

Sunday, 4 December 2011

"D" is for...

I've re-purposed a little box and decorated it to use as a Christmas Gift Box. If you've already decorated your tree, this little project is something more you can do to continue that fun part of Christmas, decorating!!
  Mis xo

Friday, 2 December 2011

"C" is for Christmas Card Collection

Hello, welcome to day 3 of the Red Earth Scrapping A-Z, 26 days, 26 letter competition.

I was a lucky ducky and got the "C" in the Creative Team pool woohoo so of course I got to create some christmas cards for you!

I've created 4 christmas cards for my christmas card collection, all using the gorgeous Authentique Wonder papers and die cuts, along with other goodies from Red Earth Scrapping - zva creative pearls, cream lace, prima flower and a dusty attic leaf chipboard piece.

Enjoy the inspiration and I cannot wait to see YOUR cards!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

A.... A is for Angels....

WELCOME to day 1 of the RES A-Z Christmas Challenge....

Brought to you today, by the letter.... A.....and A is for Amanda, so I get to kick things off! Yay!

So let's think all things Christmasy... to inspire us to create a project today using inspiration from the letter A...
Like: A is for..... angels, antlers, advent... maybe you can think of even more "A" words to inspire you!

I have chosen to create a Christmas layout, using the infamous Santa photo... using "Angels" in the title...

I used lots and lots of Yummy Authentique Christmas Paper and the Die cut-tabloid/icons in the range.... :)

So get into ACTION, create something AMAZING, ANYONE can do it, Ants on the Apple, and ALL that!

Don't forgot, once you have created... post a pic in our Christmas A-Z gallery, leave a message in the forum and mark of that day/letter on your Advent calendar!

Thanks for playing along here at Red Earth, we really appreciate and value our beautiful loyal followers!

Amanda... for the RES team