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Kate McCulloch's Red Earth Scrapping Class

Red Earth Scrapping Class
By Kate McCulloch
May 2011

Use the kit purchased through Red Earth Scrapping combined with techniques to create the following layout.

You Will Need:

*The Class Kit (available from the RES Shop) or the following:

1x a patterned paper sheet with a border type print on it.

3x additional patterned papers (you could get away with not using a WHOLE sheet)

a couple of buttons

some paper flowers which you can layer

some pearls or rhinestones

a decorative pin

a fancy flower i.e. a nice prima flower would be nice


*3 coordinating paints. I have used Kaiser Hot Pink, Kaiser Turquoise & Making Memories Celery

*1 coordinating glimmermist- I have used a green one (optional)

*paint brushes and/or paint sponge brush

*black pen - I use an American Slick Writer Pen for all my layouts- Helen sells these & there are some in the RES April Kit too (not the class kit) but any black pen is fine

*ds tape, scissors, trimmer - basic tools

*Heat gun- optional (helps dry your paint faster!!) I bought mine from RES & it's pink which makes it funner!

*a photo- I have used a 6x4 landscape photo of me

*background stamp- I have used a music note one from Kaiser, it cost me about $3 something. If you don't have a background stamp then something like a flourish stamp would work well too.

*stazon ink black- for the stamping (or any black ink that you have on hand which you use for stamping)

*alphas- I have used white foam Thickers

Step 1: Take the following page (yours might different in colours in your kit to my page but the one with the border like this is the one we will be using) and trim off bottom decorate strip. This page will be your base.

Step 2: It's time to prepare your base. Take your three coordinating paints. Put a bit on a palette, scrap paper- whatever it is you use when you are getting ready to paint. Personally, I like using plastic disposable plates as i can chuck them when I'm finished or i can cover with cling wrap to save wastage on paint.

Step 3: You need to take your foam paint sponge brush, or the brush you have chosen to use. Start with your LIGHTER shade of colour. Go along each side of the border, swiping your paint like shown. It doesn't have to be neat, in fact, it looks better if it's not.

Step 4. Allow to dry or heat gun it. Clean your brush and get the next paint colour you will be using. Do the same as the step above, swiping the paint NOT OVER the painting you did before, but alongside the inside of the previous colour.

Step 5: We are using this sheet of paper next. It is a half sheet in your kit.

Step 6: Trim off a strip approx. 3 inches wide. Hand cut a scallop along the long side of the paper. If you own border punches, you can use those instead if you like, but I STRONGLY urge you to hand cut it. It adds to the arty feel, instead of giving a strict regimented appearance. (the best way I could describe it! LOL). Set this scalloped piece aside.

Step 7: We are now using this piece of paper from the kit.

Step 8: Trim your paper to approx. 8x8 inches. Using your clean sponge brush or a face washer/flannel - run under cold water and squeeze excess out of it. Swipe it all over the paper til it is damp enough to manage, we don't want it absolutely dripping in water but we want it pliable. Carefully, scrunch and unfold your 8x8 piece several times til it is crinkly. Lie flat and allow to dry (or heat gun it).

Step 9: Using your double sided tape, adhere in the centre of the base page. HOWEVER, leave at least a 1 inch imaginary border to not stick down. We need to get in with our paint along the edges of our paper and we cant do so if you have stuck it down right to the edge.

Step 9: See how the edge of the paper is not stuck down? That is what we have allowed for in the previous step.

Get your last paint colour and brush/sponge brush, and paint along random edges of the centre piece of paper we just adhered. Ensure some of this paint is also swiped SPARINGLY on the base too like shown. Allow to dry or heat gun it.

Step 10: Your page should resemble this by now. See how your last colour (mine was turquoise) frames your centre piece of paper? It draws the eye in.

Step 11: Remember that scalloped piece of paper we made? It is time to outline this in black pen. Using some double sided tape, carefully lift the left edge of the centre paper and adhere your scalloped piece just UNDER the centre paper slightly, and vertically at an angle on the base. You can then use a bit of tape to stick that corner back down as it might be sticking up a bit.

Step 12: Using this piece of paper, cut a 5inch strip and also hand scallop it. And also outline with black pen like your previous scalloped piece. Put it aside.

Step 13: Get your photo you are using, and paint around the edges with one of your coordinating paints you have used. Allow to dry- i find heat gunning it melts it :P so i don't recommend that unless you are good at it lol.

Step 14: Remember the last scalloped bit you did with the musical notes on it? Adhere that just to the right down the bottom, then adhere your photo on top of that, just off centre.

Step 15: Time to add some embellishments!! Take your largest White Green Tara flower, cut it in half. Using double sided tape, we are going to stick each half on either side of our centre piece of paper, tucking the side of the flower under the paper slightly.

Step 16: Get your next sized flower down, and we are going to brush our flowers with a bit of paint. You can adhere one on top of the left half flower you made.

Step 17: And the other flower just above the right tucked flower. Cut some individual pearls from your ZVA pearl strip in your kit, and put them in the flower centres.

Step 18: Cluster your other flowers leading on from the left tucked half flower, lead them down towards that musical note paper scalloped strip we made. Also add some PinkiePinkie Buttons to your page- I put mine on the left cluster down the bottom left of my photo and one opposite in the other flower cluster. Stick your pink into a flower so it pokes out the top- i did this on a left cluster flower.

Step 19: Time to use some glimmermist. (optional) This adds another 'layer' to your paintwork. Unscrew the lid of the glimmermist and dip your brush into it. Paint 'over' the colour on your page with the same shade- i.e. i used a green glimmermist and painted it over my celery paint colour. Something else you could do at this stage is to add other mediums such as kindy glitz, or glimmer glam or crackle paints, and go over the painted areas by swiping lightly in sections.

Step 20: Add your title and then if possible, go over the title with black pen. Complete your journalling directly onto your base paper at the bottom of the page. Using your pen, draw a double border around the entire edge of your base paper.

Step 21: Using your background stamps (I don't use an acrylic block for this as i find the stamps can be manoeuvred easier without it) and black stazon ink, tuck your stamp under the layers of your page and stamp randomly. This helps add more 'layers' and depth to your page.

and you are done!!
Here are some close ups for you.

I really hope you enjoyed my class, I really appreciate you all giving it a go, and perhaps trying something out of your comfort zone. It really is fun to get tactile with your pages and a bit messy.

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