Monday, 30 April 2012

Patterned Paper Product Focus

Hi everyone,
Amanda here...

This week until WEDNESDAY, Red Earth Scrapping has 20% off Patterned Paper as a part of our monthly Product focus.

So this blog post is a quickie to show you some more layouts and inspiration for using patterned paper, which we all use, and own, in excess quantities!

I have the entire LILYBEE buttercup collection of papers.  Here are 3 layouts I created this week (2 for our CC sketch) and as you can see, even though they are from the same range, completely different colour combinations can still be created. I love the coordinating stickers and lettering in this range too. Plus I still have some left to create more layouts!

(Title didn't quite work out - "another day to play"
I'll need to fix this when i have more time later in the week!)

Remember to SAVE all those little strips of paper because they can become quite eye-catching elements on your layout.

And I hope the BACKS of your layouts look like this - creative cutting to get the most out of your papers! This a cost effective way to get lots of layers of paper in your layouts without using lots and lots of sheets of paper!

I always like to share my double layouts too....

Now i used only 1 SHEET of double sided patterned paper on white cardstock in this layout - fast, easy, balanced and quite effective. Give it a go!

And remember my April Mystery box layout?
Remember to hand-cut elements from your patterned paper, eg. the clocks in this layout and use the papers to make your own paper flowers.

Have fun creating this week - look forward to seeing all your layouts at the end of our CYBER CROP!


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  1. You're a scrapper at heart like me, all the backs of my pages are higglety pigglety too, definitely the best way to get value out of the papers & great for cards & punching out like shapes & borders too