Friday, 1 June 2012

June Mystery BOX challenge

Hi girls,


Here is our JUNE mystery box challenge....

This is a timed challenge, so get out your stopwatch and make sure you get your layout done in the allocated time..... nothing like a bit of pressure to get a page finished, right? This challenge has been designed to help you do a quick page, one where you don't waste time planning and rearranging things, instead you JUST STICK IT!  My friends are rather familiar with me shouting this out during a crop!

YOU HAVE 45 MINUTES to create a card or layout.....
Your mystery ingredients are:
1 punch
1 stamp
1 photo
then single embellishments - keep it simple.

Here is the page i created (I did mine in 35 minutes)
So i used 1 border punch, 1 stamp and 1 photo.  For my embellishments I stuck to singles: 1 HALO resin flower, 1 HALO pebble, 1 HALO paper flower, 1 fabric brad, 1 micro-brad, 1 glittery brad, 1 sticker, 1 metal clip.

Have fun with this challenge. When you post your creation in the gallery, please let us know how long it took for you to complete!

Remember, great prizes up for grabs - please get all your entries in by the end of JUNE!


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