Saturday, 24 December 2011

"X" is for...

the shortcut version of Christmas... "Xmas", and since today is Xmas Eve I'm going to make today's task all about your Xmas Eve and your Xmas Tree Traditions because really, this is the last day you have to get that tree up before the big event!

We don't really have any traditions, we used to always have the tree up on the 1st December but this year we've been very remiss!  Always though the youngest in the family was the one to add the star or the angel at the top of the tree... and for our little family of 3 it has always been an Angel and always Kel's job!  

I love the memories that come with such a simple task... Kel's 1st year he obviously had help, and now on his 15th Xmas, with the same tree, he'll be adding our Angel under his own steam... not even a chair to help because he's tall enough now!

We also have some very special ornaments, ones Kellan made when young, some handed over to me from mum from my first Xmas tree as a child, they HAVE to go on the tree, whether they match with this years colour theme or not!  

One Xmas Eve Tradition that has come with me from my childhood, is opening just 1 present on Xmas Eve, a little teaser before the big day!!

Christmas to us is all about family.  It's not the gifts but the togetherness and those little snippets of traditions that are the ties that bind us, always.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Xmas Eve and also the most wonderful of Christmas Days... take care and enjoy!!

Mis xo

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