Thursday, 15 December 2011

O is for ...

I've dropped a few hints here and on FB about what my activity for today's letter might be ... so it should be no surprise that it's about ORNAMENTS.
Not just any old ornament on your tree or around your house, today I want you to MAKE an ORNAMENT, or at the very least, get the kids making some. You can make it from anything you like, any shape or style but your challenge is to actually MAKE it Wink

Here's what I've made ...

Using just 4 strips of paper (or in my case a very nice flocked transparency from Fancy Pants last Christmas), a couple of brads and then add some pretties, then you have a gorgeous decoration for your tree.
Kids can make these - I did paper versions at the Kids Christmas Papercrafting Workshop I ran here locally on the weekend and they loved them.

Instructions -
1. cut 4 strips of paper approximately 1/2" wide - the longer your strips the bigger the ball will be, still paper/card works better esp for the larger ones
2. lay your strips on top of each other in a neat stack, find the middle and punch a small hole, then push a brad through and split to secure
3. keeping the strips in a stack, punch a small hole at each end
4. spread the strips out to form a star/criss-cross pattern, then starting with the uppermost strip, and using an awl (or skewer) thread one end of the first strip onto the spike followed by the opposite end of the same strip
5. repeat with all strips until they are all held on the spike
6. take another brad (may add flowers or other embellies at this point so they are secured by this brad) and carefully remove the awl/skewer while holding the strips together then push the brad through the hole and split to secure
7. add any extra embellies you might like, a string to hang it by and you're done!!!

Here's some other ideas I've found ...

You might like to stitch something, bake something, alter or repurpose something ... the choice is yours but today is all about MAKING ORNAMENTS ... go on, get into it, have FUN Laughing

PS. the large ball is made from 12" strips, the smaller ball is from 6" strips.

I have another project you might like (which I also did with the kids on Saturday).

1. punch/cut 10 circles - any size but I found a 2" circle punch ideal
2. fold each circle in half - if using single sided paper fold the pattern side onto each other, if using double sided, decided which side is to be the OUTSIDE and you can even alternate the folding
3. lay your folded circles in a row then starting from one end, spread glue on one side of the folded circle and attach the next half circle to it, lining up the edges and folded centre carefully
4. repeat until you have a row of glued half circles - DO NOT glue the first and last together YET
5. cut a length of string or ribbon, double it over and tie a double overhand knot towards the bottom (ie 2 loose ends) then lay the length of string along the folded inner edges of the glued circles - the knot will be the bottom of the ball to ensure it doesn't slip through
6. use a little liquid glue if necessary to hold the string in place through the centre of the ball and now you can glue the first and last circles together to form the ball!

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