Monday, 19 December 2011

S is for...

So easy!  S is for Snow, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Santa and all those fabulous Christmas things... and it's also for "Shopping", yeah, that's not always the fun part, but it's something we all do at this time of year... me usually right at the last minute!!

Share with us your shopping woes, hints to make Christmas Shopping easier, funny Christmas Shopping stories, anything at all to do with shopping at this crazy time of year.

This year I am not only time poor {trying to get the house shipshape for Christmas Lunch with the whole family in our little house} but I have absolutely no idea what to get any of us!  We've all got everything we need!  And believe me, I feel blessed that I can say that.  So, this year I am cheating and buying store cards.  The Westfield XS Card can be used as a normal EFTPOS card almost anywhere, work gets us one each year and last year I spent mine on whatever bits and pieces that took my fancy in the Boxing Day sales... I know it's impersonal, but we all LOVE shopping in our own time and we all love picking up a bargain, so really, it's a great gift, even for my niece and nephews as those kids with $20 to spend are the happiest kids on the planet!

However, to make them look like I at least put in some effort I'm making the Place Cards for Christmas Lunch into Gift Card Holders as well, the girls in the family will appreciate that!

Mis xo


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