Friday, 17 August 2012

Blind Scrap Challenge - part 2

Here's the first lot of instructions for our blind scrap if you missed it ...

And now we're up to the final part, so here goes:

3. To grow a great crop, we need to do a bit more than pop a few seeds in the ground. The crop needs caring for right through the growing process - fertiliser applications at the right time (and the right amounts), not to mention spraying for weeds and pests who will compete with the crop for the moisture and nutrients it needs. So here goes with the next phase ...

  • * embellishments ... you need to arrange these vertically on the LH side of your photo, making your clusters, or a long single embellishment/piece run from near the top of your pp base piece, past the bottom edge of your photo
  • * the next lot of embellishments can be added around the bottom LH corner of your photo, depending though on what you've used down the LH side of your photo as per the above instructions
  • * journalling ... yes we need journalling on your page and this needs to be positioned around the bottom RH corner of your photo - you may journal any way you chose but there must be a few sentences, or a few lines/lists/points - think about what is going on in the photo, or your thoughts or something that is not shown in the picture that is relevant
  • * another lot of embellishments may be added around your journalling area if necessary - I have created a "visual triangle" on my page with the long side of the triangle running vertically on the LH side, the base running horizonally across the bottom of the photo and then joining these 2 points with the third side of the triangle - picture the triangle in your minds eye then arrange and balance your embellishments so the eye is drawn naturally to the focus of your page which will be within that triangle (your photo)
  • * title - yup, time for that one word title which will go across the top of your photo
  • * well, that will do us for now I think ... I'll be back later with the last of the instructions.

4. Well we're almost done, there's just one final step ...

  • * Put your own personal spin, your signature style, your own extra elements to this page. Yes, that's right, my instructions are only a base for what I would now love to see taken to a whole new, unique level. The only thing I ask is that the basic design remains the same but as for what you add, go nuts, embellish to your heart's content, whatever blows your hair back ... 
  • HAVE FUN CREATING your masterpiece

Upload your entries to the gallery by midnight (AEST) 31st August 2012.

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