Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blind Scrap Challenge

For my CC challenge I'm going to be leading you through a blind scrap challenge.

What's a "blind scrap"? It is simply where I give you the details and instructions of creating a page and at the end of the CC we'll see how close to the original it is.

We'll be going through it step by step and you've got the whole month to complete it. 
Good luck and have fun!!!

1. Like a farmer prepares his paddock before sowing a crop, we're going to prepare our products before we start creating. You will need to gather these supplies:

  • * a 6x4 or 5x7 landscape orientation photo - any photo you like - the theme and colours of the photo will determine the rest of the products you chose - just like the variety of crop being sown determines the type of paddock preparation the farmer does
  • * a 12x12 sheet of cardstock, plus extra (same or co-ordinating colours, smaller pieces ok)
  • * a 12x12 sheet of patterned paper plus extra co-ordinating pieces
  • * mist or paint - the paddocks need to be weed free so those precious little seeds aren't competing for moisture and nutrients, hence the pre-sowing, and pre-emergent weed spraying operations
  • * edger punch OR a die cut edge on a length of paper OR scissors to hand cut same OR lace/ribbon - after all, the crops are sown in rows
  • * alphas for a ONE WORD title
  • * embelllishments to suit - we're going to grow the best look, and highest yielding crops in the district
2. Now we're going to get that crop in the ground. Yes, we're putting the layout together, so here goes ... (feel free to ink or distress the edges of your papers as we go along if you wish)
  • * the 12x12 c/s is your base
  • * cut the 12x12 sheet of pp to approximately 10x10
  • * before getting friendly with your tape or glue, you may like to save the centre of your c/s base by cutting it out as it will not be seen when the pp goes on top
  • * adhere the pp to your c/s base, smack bang in the centre
  • * go nuts with your mist and/or paint now - as little or as much as you like (personally, I went for the subtle approach), anywhere on your base *** hint - your photo will be on the right side ***
  • * using pieces of co-ordinating c/s and pp of approximately 10x2, punch along one long edge (OR cut a shaped edge by hand OR use your lace/trim along one long edge) - I have punched the long edge of a strip of co-ordinating pp and mounted it on c/s, thereby creating the "break" between the large piece of pp on the base and the strip
  • * adhere this 10x2 strip across your page, approximately two thirds - three quarters of the way DOWN the page
  • * if desired, mount your photo
  • * adhere your photo towards the RIGHT side of the page, slightly overlapping the pp strip you just stuck on 
  • * okies, I reckon it's time to fuel up the tractor now - grab yourself a cuppa and we'll be back soon!


  1. This is amazing and I can't wait to play along, I'm just not sure of what sort of photo to use yet..... Great idea Helen.

  2. Thanks Sandra, Cant wait to see your LO, so glad you're joining in. Have fun and dont hesitate to yell out with any queries over in the forum.