Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Introducing ... SANDRA WALLACE!

A warm RES welcome to a special guest for our second birthday, Year of the Farmer Cyber Crop ... Sandra Wallace

Hi there!

My name is Sandra Wallace and I( I am proud to say) am a country girl. 
I live in the small rural town of  Cummins, on the Lower Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

Even though I do not live on a farm, or am a farmer, our lives are inter-twined with those who work the land.  From large agricultural businesses to small businesses, from those who work in the silos to those who drive the trucks, we are all reliant on the farmers having a good year.

So the town people, along with the farmers take a great interest around April, waiting to see if the break of season rain arrives in time for seeding, standing alongside the farmer outside the local newsagent looking up at the heavens, hoping and praying for rain.
We feel the promise of what will hopefully be a wonderful season as those seeds begin to shoot and the country becomes a rich green. 
We worry about those tender shoots, as the weather man predicts hail or frost.
And we worry about what those frosts will do to their new born lambs.
And then, when spring arrives we feel the joy as the countryside becomes a patchwork of colour as the canola and wattle come into bloom and young lambs frolic in the pastures.
The air becomes warmer, thick with the smell of flowers and with it the promise of harvest and then the excitement of the “silly season” begins.
Trucks zooming through the town, as harvest reaches full swing and the truckies are in a hurry to get their grain to the silos while the prices and harvest conditions are right. Farmers working through the night as they drive their headers, hurrying to get the grain in, before it rains, or before the strong winds hit, or extreme hot weather conditions mean a harvest ban is called, stopping all harvest.
and We fight, side by side, as bushfires threaten not only the farmers livelihood, but their homes, their stock , their lives. And we are there as a community to help pick up the pieces afterwards.

I LOVE living in a country town.
It truly is a wonderful place to raise children. 

Everyone knows you, and if they don’t they probably soon will. ;-)
You walk down the street, and nearly everyone says hello or gives you a wave.  Something you don’t really appreciate until you have spent a bit of time away. J

And for me personally, nothing brings things back into perspective than a drive in the countryside on a spring day.
I hit the dirt road, find a scenic spot, turn off the engine wind the windows down and just sit, look and listen.
Which inspired me to create this layout.

and an otp I created earlier. ;-)

We truly are blessed to live in the lucky country.
A country that has been built on the hard work of farmers, which continues today.

Thank you Helen, for a wonderful concept and for inviting me to take part.
It has truly been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what the other girls have created and to also read about their experiences about life on the land.
Take care everyone.


  1. A fabulous layout and otp project but the best is hearing about people on, or connected with our great land.

  2. what a brilliant bio Sandra. You write it so well that I can 'smell the canola and wattle' and I can see those raising their eyes upwards waiting for the rain in April while they are standing at the Newsagent.

    Beautiful work.