Thursday, 2 August 2012

Introducing ... Tiff Firth!

During our Cyber Crop I will be introducing you to some very special guests who are sharing with us during the month. These talented ladies all have an affiliation in some way with the land and will be inspiring us, scrapping-wise, to celebrate the Year Of The Farmer.

HI There.

I’m Tiff Firth, country girl born and bred.

I grew up with my family on our cereal and sheep farm on beautiful Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. I schooled at a Rural School and from year 8-12 at the local Area School. I spent a year in Adelaide training for Beauty Therapy, worked in Port Lincoln for a year before spending the most amazing 5 years in Darwin. That is the best place to live for a young adult.

But you can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl.

I came back to the Eyre Peninsula in the early 90’s and married a farmer in 2001. We married under a tree and I rode my horse up the ‘aisle’. No dress for this chick. Moleskins and Rossi Boots for me.

We have 2 kids who light up my life every day. They have immeasurable patience with me and the camera.

I’ve studied my Diploma of Photography and I’m in great demand during the spring months for Family Portraiture sessions on the family farms.

Landscape Photography is my other passion besides scrapbooking. Its allowed me to travel earlier this year to the Grand Canyon to shoot it in Winter (-2.2 Celsius) as well as Kangaroo Island, Great Ocean Road, Broken Hill, Menindee Lakes and all over the Eyre Peninsula in the last couple years. Looking ahead I have a photographic trip planned to the South West of America in 2013, and Tasmania in 2014.

I’ve many albums on my Photography Page on Facebook

Scrapbooking led me to pick up the camera in the first place. And the coming of the digital camera in the early days made me want to get better photos so I could scrap better pages.

Scrapbooking also gave the chance to go to CHA Winter 2012 in Anaheim. That was such an amazing experience with the opportunity to visit Disney Land, California Dreaming, Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood, Newport Beach.

All my Photography and Scrapbooking has been possible with the grace and blessing of my DH.  I scrap pages and photograph him to keep him sweet and ‘on side’. It pays dividends.

We love our farm, our lifestyle and are so very grateful that we can offer our kids the opportunities to grow up in regional Australia, not in the rat race of city life.

I keep a blog that I update very regularly.

and I keep up with things on Facebook.

Many thanks to Helen and the team at Red Earth Scrapping for inviting me for the month of August to celebrate The Year of the Farmer.

Tiff Firth




  1. Love your photos Tiff! It's nice to learn some more about you. Gorgeous layout too! xx

  2. Lauren. thanks so much.
    Very flattered that Helen asked me to join RES for August. Very excited too!!!!