Thursday, 16 August 2012

Introducing ... PENNY HACKNEY!

A warm RES welcome to a special guest for our second birthday, Year of the Farmer Cyber Crop ... Penny Hackney!

There is nothing better than country life - and being able to record it through scrapbooking.
I've lived on small hobby farms since the age of 8 and was able to realise every girl's dream of having a pony. Pony Club, gymkhanas and horse shows ruled my childhood right up until I went away for uni. When I look back on those times the one word that comes to mind is FREEDOM. I loved nothing better than to come home from school, pull on my jodhpurs and canter into the wild blue yonder on one of my horses! On a farm, life revolves around the outdoors and the animals. I clearly remember the day Mum arrived at our small primary school to pull my brother and I out early - our Jersey house cow was in labour and about to deliver our first calf! Exciting stuff!
It was not until adulthood, 10 years ago in fact, that I moved to a "proper" farm. We have 650 beautiful acres of rolling hills, paddocks, dams and trees on the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Our property is still considered quite small to most, and both hubby and I must work off the farm to earn a living. We have around 120 Angus and Murray Grey cattle, a big fat cranky Angus bull, a handful of cross-bred sheep, 3 working Kelpies, 7 chooks and one fairly useless but lovable Jack Russell-cross RSPCA rescue dog.
What I love about being here: looking out onto open space with not a neighbour's roof in sight, the lack of other people's noise - just birds and cows, always having something to do outdoors, growing and eating our own beef and lamb (happy meat is the best kind!), the magnificent sunsets, the friendliness and generosity of country-folk, the small village school my girls attend, being able to walk for hours and not come across a soul, and being able to turn up my music as loud as I want!
It can be tough too: we rely on the rain for our water supply, ducking out to the shops because you've run out of something is not an option, flooding and drought is not much fun, no ASDL internet - and we can forget about NBN for years yet!, money tends to be spent on farm needs before house repairs and renos, there is always so much work to do - and it must be done before and after work or on the weekends, a blackout means no water as well as no power (and they tend to happen quite frequently), .....honestly, I can't think of much else to add to this list!
I am so happy to be a country girl, and to be sharing our little slice of country with you!




  1. Lovely to hear Penny's story, I understand all the pitfalls of the country life with the blackouts and lack of water at times but I still think its a great place to grow up. Being in the suburbs for all of my married life has shown me the difference in, not only lifestyle, but people in general. Gotta love country people.

  2. So glad you're following along and enjoying all this Sandra. Nothing beats country life!