Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cyber Crop Quiz - part 3 & 4

Here is part 3 and 4 of our Cyber Crop Quiz ...

A reminder of how it works -
  • There are 40 quiz questions, yep, 40!!! But to make things easier, I will give you 10 questions each Wednesday during August (1st, 8th, 16th, 22nd).
  • You need to e-mail your answers to each section directly to me helen @
  • ALL answers must reach me by the 31st August
  • Each question is worth 1 point - the person with the highest score overall is the winner of this challenge
  • Google and the like is NOT allowed and I ask for your honesty in this regard. It's ok if you have no clue about the answers, just give it your best guess, and if you're really, really stuck, I might provide some clues ...
  • HAVE FUN!!! and hopefully learn a little bit about Australian agriculture along the way
I will post the questions each week over in the original forum post and here on the blog. If you have any comments/questions please use the forum comments as per usual, or you can e-mail me.
21. What are the offspring (babies) of these animals called?
(a)    Goat
(b)   Horse
(c)    Cow
(d)   Sheep

22. How many million head of beef cattle are run in Australia?
(a)    5m
(b)   12m
(c)    26m
(d)   32m

23. Which beef cattle breed usually has a red/brown and white hide?
(a)    Angus
(b)   Hereford
(c)    Brahman
(d)   Murray Grey

24. What animal are these breeds?
Australorp           Isa Brown            Leghorn

25. The longhorn symbol is the instantly recognisable branding logo of which Australian company? (hint – 3 letters)

26. Which meat is the most consumed in the world?
(a)    Goat
(b)   Beef
(c)    Lamb
(d)   Chicken

27. What is viticulture?

28. Australian farmers manage and care for what percentage of the country’s land mass?
(a)    40%
(b)   50%
(c)    60%
(d)   70%

29. Name 2 iconic Australian breeds of working dog.

30. What does a rouseabout do?

31. What is a “B&S”?

32. The Royal Agricultural Society (most Australian states have one) measures and celebrates excellence in agriculture. What annual event, in many towns and cities across the country, is run by this organisation?

33. What does a combine harvester do?

34. Massey Fergusson, John Deere, Case and New Holland are all well known manufacturers of what?

35. What is significant about Anna Creek Station in SA?

36. What is “the long paddock” referring to?

37.What is a rib eye?
(a)    Cut of meat
(b)   Part of an animal’s skeleton
(c)    A type of fish
(d)   A tool

38. Name 3 tropical fruits grown in Australia, apart from the banana.

39. Royal Gala, Jazz and Braeburn are all what?

40Australia is one of the world’s top 10 wheat producing countries. Approximately how many tonnes is produced each year?
(a)    9m
(b)   16m
(c)    22m
(d)   40m

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